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Welcome to...
Marston #2




To Pack:


Pricing and Payment

All prices are in USD.
Prices do not include shipping.
I NO LONGER EXCEPT HAGGLING! Unless, of course, I'm looking for a Best Offer. Then it's fine. <3
I only accept payment through paypal, and NO E-CHECKS PLEASE.
My paypal address is When sending payment, make sure to include your LJ Name and all of the items you bought.
PAYMENT IS DUE WITHIN 48 HOURS!! I will automatically drop your order if you fail to pay me, so don’t get angry with me if you fail to do your part.
I don't take PM offers on anything!
No holds of any kind, please!

Postage and Delivery

I ship from America. Shipping starts at $2.30 (maybe less for tiny items), and shipping for a plush minimum $3.50. It works its way up with the more you purchase/the bigger item you get. If you have a problem with this, talk to me and we can discuss it.
If you have a specific way you want an item shipped, PLEASE let me know. Otherwise I'm going to ship everything in bubble mailers (which is added in to the shipping cost above).


At this point in time, I'm only accepting trades for Mijumaru and Daikenki items that I don't currently possess. <3
My Otter Wants List can be found here:
For future reference, I collect the following pokemon:

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

*~ ~*

You can leave feedback for me here:
If you would like for me to leave you feedback, please say so! <3


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Snover vs Garchomp Card $0.75, please! to 98118

Also Pachirisu and Weavile Amadas $1.00

And one Articuno Coin $0.50 (wait, I might be wrong)

And all your Keshipoke Pokeballs! 1.00

Let's see, the only things available out of what you asked for are the Snover v. Garchomp card, Pachirisu Amada, and Articuno Coin. If you're still interested, please send $3.00 to when you get a chance - thanks a bunch! ^u^

O.o I was going through my records... I forgot to tell you "payment sent!" Sorry about that. While I'm here, lol, have you sent it out yet?

Hi there! I haven't sent out your package just yet, it should be sometime this week though (I've been sending them out in loads, so only international and really flat items have been sent so far). I'll notify you when I ship them out! ^u^

Hey there! Just letting you know that your items have been shipped! ^U^

Thanks! Will let you know as soon as it arrives!

They've arrived! thank you!

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